Stuart E. Hamilton, Ph.D

I am an Assistant Professor at Salisbury University in Maryland. My primary research interest is using GIS and Remote Sensing to make better policy decisions and improve environmental outcomes.

Contact Information

Assistant Professor, Geography and Geosciences
Salisbury University, 157Q Henson Science Hall
Salisbury, MD 21801-3518, USA
stuartehamilton AT gmail DOT com


Current Projects

I will be in Ecuador to complete my Prometeo Fellowship between 2/8/16 and 8/12/16.

Sarah Glasser and the Lake Victoria team have been awarded $1.8 million from NSF to continue our research into Lake Victoria fisheries and aquaculture.
Students interested in these projects should come and speak to me.


I will now post all my datasets on the Harvard Dataverse. My Dataverse is still being updated as I try to consolidate my datasets into one location. CGMFC-21 is now at this site but is best accessed via the link at the top of the page. Some of my larger datasets will have to be posted on SOAR due to size limitations.


To simplify my life I now keep a complete list of publications at It has links to all articles and has full citation information.

Online Publication Repositories

All Geophysics related material will now go on my arXiv page during preprint stage.

All non-Geophysics related material will now go on my ResearchGate page during preprint stage.

Google Scholar as usual does a good job of tracking citations and papers.